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Criminal Investigations Involving Juveniles

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In Florida, children as young as 10 and 11 can be charged with crimes.  In rare instances, children even younger can be charged.

In some instances, namely when children are 16 or older, they can be charged as adults.  In rarer cases - although not altogether uncommon - children as young as 14 can be charged as adults.

Many of these criminal charges begin as criminal investigations.  

Juveniles can be the subjects of criminal investigations.  Anything from school fights to allegations of sexual abuse against younger siblings or family friends can serve as the basis for a criminal investigation.

Like an adult investigation, these cases are handled by detectives who are often seeking to get a statement out of the subject (the child).  As many of us parents know, children can often say things that are inconsistent with prior statements, are outright lies, or are simply foolish.  But to a trained law enforcement officer, a statement that a child makes could serve as the basis for a criminal charge.

Juvenile criminal records can destroy young lives.  It is crucial to gain as much leverage as possible when your child is facing serious criminal accusations.

If your child or the child of someone you know is under investigation by a Miami-Dade County (Miami, Broward, Palm Beach) law enforcement agency, it is imperative that the child have proper legal representation.  Police officers and detectives will take advantage of the natural vulnerability of a child and use it to strengthen a criminal case.

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