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Standard Conditions of A Felony Bond

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When you are arrested and charged with a felony, you will more than likely post a bond.  A bond is an amount of money designated by the court to ensure that you show up for your hearings.  When you are released on a bond, there are some conditions that may apply.

First and foremost, you cannot get arrested for a new charge while out on a felony bond.  This includes getting arrested for a new felony or new misdemeanor offense.  If you get arrested while out on bond, you will have your bond revoked and may have to remain in custody until your case is resolved.

You may not be able to leave the state without permission from the court.  Leaving the country most certainly requires court-permission.

Using drugs may also constitute a violation of your felony bond.

A bond is not put in place to punish you; it is there to give the court assurance that if released from jail, you will show up when you need to.  Failure to show up in court will result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest (alias capias).  

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