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Memorial Day 2018 In South Florida

Memorial Day in South Florida is a time of heavy tourist traffic.  South Beach, Las Olas, and West Palm Beach are just three major tourist hot spots where massive crowds of visitors will congregate.

Unfortunately, with massive tourist crowds comes a massive police presence.  This invariably means that there will be a large number of arrests.

For South Florida visitors, this can be particularly troubling.  You are not from here, so you may not know how our criminal justice process works.

Fortunately, South Florida is accustomed to handling tourism, so many of us criminal attorneys are particularly adept at representing people who are arrested while on vacation in South Florida.

If you are visiting South Florida and you are arrested for any offense - DUI, disorderly intoxication, or a more serious felony charge - you can retain a criminal defense attorney to assist you.  For many offenses, you may not even be required to return to South Florida for court so long as you are represented.

I represent clients in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County.  If you have been arrested in either of these counties, please contact me