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Court Dates For Miami-Dade County Criminal Cases

Broward County has just announced that all non-emergency courthouse operations will be suspended until - at least - May 29th.

Miami-Dade has not issued any updated guidelines but courthouse operations are expected to be suspended at least through April.

Palm Beach County is looking to keep courthouse operations suspended throughout April as well.

What does this mean?  Your pending criminal case may not have a court date looming but make no mistake about it - your criminal case will not simply go away.  Hearings will resume.  Trials will be held.  No sense in waiting to get prepared when you have time to get prepared right now.

If you have a pending criminal case in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, or Palm Beach County, or if you have been arrested during the COVID-19 pandemic or have a loved one presently in custody, contact me.