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Possible DUI Diversion Program For Broward County In The Future?

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Much like the "Back On Track" Program for Miami-Dade County DUI cases, there is talk - and right now it's just talk - of having a similar program in Broward County, possible in 2022.

The new State Attorney in Broward County, Harold Pryor, has expressed interest in exploring a DUI-diversion style program where a first-time offender who meets certain criteria may be eligible to have their DUI charge amended to a reckless driving charge with a withhold of adjudication imposed upon completion of the program.

Presently, first-time DUI offenders in Miami-Dade County, and a few other Florida counties, may be eligible for "Back On Track" or a similar diversion-type program so long as they meet certain criteria.  Eligibility criteria may include that the DUI arrest not involve a crash; that the offender has no prior arrests or at least no prior convictions; that the offender is not also charged with an accompanying felony charge.  In essence, the State Attorney's Office sets the rules for the program.

Presently, Florida is a state with some of the nation's toughest first-time DUI offender mandatory penalties.  A first-time DUI offender in Florida faces a mandatory conviction (adjudication), mandatory fines, probation, driver license suspensions, vehicle immobilization orders, and more.

A DUI diversion program will help avoid two of the most severe sanctions someone can face when charged with a DUI - the mandatory DUI conviction (which will make getting auto insurance considerably expensive, if you're even able to get it); and the court-ordered driver license suspension.

If you are in Miami-Dade County and you are charged with a first DUI, contact me to discuss your options and to see if you are eligible for the "Back on Track" Program.