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Start 2022 With A Clean Criminal Record

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There is no point in going through life with an arrest on your record.

Even if you were arrested - or even issued a written Promise To Appear (PTA) - and the case was dismissed, the charge will remain on your record unless you expunge the record.

And if you have pleaded guilty or no contest to certain offenses but received a withhold of adjudication, the charge and all the information about your case will also remain on your record unless you take the steps to seal the record.

Because a case is dismissed or even if you are not convicted - or adjudicated guilty - of an offense, that does not mean you have no record.  That is, unfortunately, a common misconception.  And I have seen many lawyers - and even a handful of judges - improperly advise accused people that they "will not have a record" if they complete a diversion program or plead no contest and receive a withhold of adjudication.

You must take the necessary steps to clean your record.  If you are eligible, you should.  There is no reason to go through life with an ugly blemish, like a criminal charge, in your background.

The process take a few months and is not terribly expensive.  Contact me to discuss sealing or expunging your Florida criminal record.

I am one of the few attorneys in the State of Florida that will seal or expunge a record in all 67 Florida counties.