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Misinformation About Florida Criminal Records

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I hear it all the time - "But I thought if my case was dismissed I wouldn't have a criminal record!"  I also hear, "but I wasn't convicted, so how could it be on my record?"

These are normal questions from people who have previously been charged with crimes in the State of Florida.  And through no fault of their own, they have either received incorrect information from the Internet, friends and family, their own lawyers, even - sometimes - the Judge in their case.

This is because many do not understand the intricacies of criminal records in the State of Florida - namely, anytime you are arrested - even if just issued a written Promise to Appear or a Criminal Traffic Citation - you now have a criminal record.

Even if the case is dismissed; even if you are not convicted (adjudication is withheld); you have a criminal record that will follow you around forever unless sealed or expunged.

You are permitted ONE sealing or expungement in your lifetime in the State of Florida.  And even a dismissed charge can prevent an obstacle when it comes to obtaining employment or renting an apartment.

If you have ever been physically arrested or issued a written Promise to Appear and you have not expunged or sealed the outcome of that case; you have a criminal record and should take the necessary steps to remove it from your background.

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