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When Can Community Control Become Probation?

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Community Control is a far more restrictive form of probation in the State of Florida.  Unlike ordinary reporting probation, Community Control may entail wearing an electronic GPS monitor; a strict curfew; the inability to leave your home for any reason other than work or school. 

Ordinary reporting probation comes with far fewer restrictions.

Like early termination of probation, modifying your Community Control sentence may be possible after you reach the halfway point.

For instance, if you are sentenced to 2 years of Community Control (which is the maximum length of a Community Control sentence in the State of Florida), you may be able to move to modify that Community Control sentence to reporting probation.

In other words, you can ask the Judge to modify the remaining term of your sentence to probation.  So if you are sentenced to 2 years of Community Control, the Judge could convert that last remaining year of Community Control to regular reporting probation.

If you are serving a Community Control sentence in South Florida and wish to modify your sentence, contact my office to discuss your options.

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