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The Critical Period of Time From Arrest and Arraignment

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The arrest is just the beginning.  The police don't have the power to decide what charges you may ultimately face.  That decision is up to the prosecutor, known in Florida as the State Attorney.

From the day of your arrest until your arraignment (normally 21-30 days), critical decisions are being made by the State Attorney's Office as to what charges - if any - you may face.

Sitting by and waiting for a filing decision is a poor course of action.  And waiting until your arraignment to hire a criminal defense attorney is an equally poor course of action.

Having an attorney representing you during the pre-file (pre-arraignment) stage of your case may give you a crucial advantage.  If there are witnesses, available defenses, or any other information the prosecutor should know prior to filing (or declining) a case, your attorney can bring these matters to their attention.

Early intervention may save you grief, time, and money.  What if you could get your case dismissed in 21 days instead of after 21 months of expensive and stressful litigation.

You should retain a criminal attorney within 1-3 days after your arrest.