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Disqualifying Charges For Sealing A Florida Criminal Record

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In Florida, you may elect to seal one arrest in your lifetime provided adjudication was withheld and the charge is not a disqualifying offense.

Here are charges in the State of Florida that CANNOT be sealed - even in adjudication is withheld.

Any sexual offense or offense derived from a sexual offense; illegal use of explosives; terrorism; murder; manslaughter; any domestic violence offense, including assault and battery (even if misdemeanors); aggravated assault; aggravated battery; felony battery; stalking or aggravated stalking; luring or enticing a child; human trafficking; kidnapping; false imprisonment; any lewd or lascivious offense; arson; burglary of a dwelling (whether occupied or unoccupied); voyeurism; robbery of any kind; carjacking; home-invasion robbery; any fraud offense; abuse of an elderly or disabled person; child abuse; drug trafficking; manufacturing drugs; 

If you have a criminal record in Florida wherein adjudication was withheld and you wish to see if you are eligible to seal, contact my office.