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Miami-Dade Judicial Directory

Judges are a very important part of the criminal justice system. When a person gets arrested, their case is assigned to a particular court division. A judge presides over that division, and will likely be the judge who oversees your case.
In Miami-Dade County, judges are split up into various divisions depending on what types of cases they handle. On the criminal side (remember, the other side is civil), the criminal judges serve in the Circuit Court (felonies) and the County Court (misdemeanors). Specifically in Miami-Dade, County Court judges handle DUI, traffic crimes, misdemeanors, and misdemeanor domestic violence.
Each judge has a "JA," or judicial assistant. The JA is the judge's secretary/office manager. They will answer the judge's phone and help to set matters on calendar.
Here is a listing of all Miami-Dade criminal judges, both Circuit and County, along with their JA's information and phone numbers:
Arzola, Antonio (305) 548-5734 Vilmary Martinez
Barzee Flores, Mary (305) 548-5718 Mindy Nemeth
Butchko, Beatrice (305) 548-5728 Dethie Castillo
Colodny, Yvonne (305) 548-5182 Nekeisha Whorley
Cueto, Jorge E. (305) 548-5102 Lisette Bermejo
Diaz, Reemberto (305) 548-5730 Caridad Rodriguez
Eig, Spencer (305) 548-5618 Carli Rodon
Fernandez, Jose L. (305) 548-5170 Jessica Rivera
Glick, Stacy D. (305) 548-5761 Marlo Logan
Hogan Scola, Jacqueline (305) 548-5771 Alina MacDonald
Jimenez, Julio (305) 548-5168 Evelyn Inza
Lopez, Peter R. (305) 548-5191 Leslie A. Ortiz
Marin, Antonio (305) 548-5178 Paula Lopez
Miller, David C. (305) 548-5733 Neyda Alarcon
Murphy, Dennis J. (305) 548-5715 Joette Z. Sorcinelli
Pineiro, Roberto M. (305) 548-5613 Diana Petitto
Rodriguez, Rosa I. (305) 548-5405 Michelle Machado
Sayfie, Nushin G. (305) 548-5167 Monica Galo
Soto, Bertila (305) 548-5721 Maritza De Paul
Thornton Jr., John W. (305) 548-5110 Tonja Smith
Tinkler Mendez, Marisa (305) 548-5769 Carolina Paz Lopez
Trawick, Daryl E. (305) 548-5478 Albert Soto
Tunis, Dava J. (305) 548-5536 Ana M. Viera
Venzer, Ellen Sue (305) 548-5403 Adys Pena
Ward, Diane V. (305) 548-5727 Aimee Jimenez
White-Labora, Deborah (305) 548-5103 Sonia Agostini
Zabel, Sarah I. (305) 548-5166 Donna Lowery
Bloom, Beth (305) 548-5400 Elizabeth Gariazzo
Faber, Robin (305) 548-5194 Jackie Duarte
Francis, Mary J. (305) 548-5350 Damaris Valdez
Gayles, Darrin P. (305) 520-4220 Dannelle Downs
Krieger-Martin, Luise (305) 548-5122 Adriana Pracitto
Leifman, Steve (305) 548-5394 Laura Millan
Miranda, Cristina (305) 548-5280 Ana Acevedo
Newman, Edward (305) 548-5397 Dayana Falcon
Ortiz, Maria D. (305) 548-5193 Nadine Fresin
Petersen, Thomas (305) 548-5632 N/A
Pooler, Catherine M. (305) 548-5185 Carolina Valenzano
Schwartz, Jacqueline (305) 548-5197 Estrella Garcia
Schwartz, Sheldon R. (305) 354-8771 Deborah Sardina
Seff, Flora E. (305) 548-5120 Julie Santayana
Seraphin, Fred (305) 548-5237 Danielle Clark
Simon, Lourdes (305) 252-5858 Kiwanas Rogers
Slom, Samuel J. (305) 548-5187 Estela Diaz
Wolfson, Andrea R. (305) 520-4042 Janet Samper
Brennan, Victoria R. (305) 349-5700 Janice Day
Cohn, Don S (305) 349-5674 Rosario Torres
del Pino, Victoria (305) 349-5701 Regla Barrios
Figarola, Rosa C. (305) 349-5702 Herlinda Carrocera
Kelly, Carroll J. (305) 349-5703 Dedrieanna Smith
Leban, Mark King (305) 349-5750 Sandra L. Thomas
Rubenstein, Judith (305) 349-5756 Michelle Merrell
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