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Boca Raton Man Arrested For Felony Domestic Violence

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The Palm Beach Post reports that a Boca Raton man was arrested earlier this week on domestic violence charges after he allegedly placed his 70-year-old mother in a headlock and put a kitchen knife to her neck while arguing about money.
The accused, a 46-year old man, was arrested after his mother reported to police that, during a heated argument, the man held a knife to her neck.
The accused was charged with battery on a person of 65 years of age or older and aggravated assault on a person of 65 years of age or older.
I am presuming that this is a crime of domestic violence because based on what I can gather, it appears as though the mother and son resided together in the same home.
Remember - Florida law defines a crime as being one of "domestic violence" if it occurs between people who live together as a family, have lived together in the past, or have children in common.
Both charges are serious felonies.
It is unclear at this point whether the alleged victim wishes to prosecute.
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