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Miami Residents Pushing For Tougher Action Against Alleged Prostitution

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A group of concerned Miami citizens is reportedly pushing for tougher enforcement of prostitution laws and stiffer penalties for alleged offenders.

Local 10 reports that a group of Miami's Upper Eastside residents is going so far as to attend court hearings for accused persons charged with prostitution.

Prostitution is a misdemeanor in Florida, but can be charged as a felony in the offender has two or more prior convictions for prostitution.

The City of Miami and Miami-Dade County both have "prostitution mapping zones;" areas in which law enforcement has designated as high-traffic prostitution areas.

Police set up sting operations, posing as customers as well as prostitutes, in order to catch those accused of violating Florida's prostitution law.

Florida statutes require those accused of prostitution to serve probation with HIV/AIDS testing as a condition.

It is not uncommon for accused violators to be re-arrested for probation violations, typically consisting of new law violations.

First-time offenders may be offered PTD (Pre-Trial Diversion), whereas repeat offenders may be looking at jail time.

But when concerned citizens (aka the voting public) begin to speak out, you can bet that Courts will be cracking down and handing out harsher sentences.

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