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Broward Police Look for Suspects In Beating Of Elderly Man

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WSVN reports that Broward County police are searching for the suspects allegedly responsible for brutally beating an elderly man.
The alleged victim is 76. While walking along the Hollywood Broadwalk, two young men allegedly approached the man and punched him in the face. Surveillance video shows the two men repeatedly punching the man, until one of the men picks up an object and strikes the alleged victim with it.
The suspects got away with a $19 watch and a house key. The alleged victim will undergo facial reconstructive surgery.
Broward County police are looking for these suspects. Depending on the clarity of the surveillance video and the alleged victim's ability to identify them, the police may or may not be able to locate these suspects.
I believe that if arrested, these suspects will be charged with aggravated battery on a person over 65 and strong-arm robbery. These are very serious felony charges.
Police will likely stake out the area where this crime occurred. That's because there have been reports of similar crimes in that same area during the early morning hours.
Police will also review the surveillance tapes and try to match the images to anybody who is presently in the criminal justice system. They will also speak to witnesses and released surveillance video stills of the suspects to see if the public can provide information.
If the suspects are detained by police, they should not speak to police without a criminal defense attorney present. If the suspects provide confessions to the police, they will give the prosecution a lot more evidence against them than they may already have. That's why you should NEVER speak to police without first consulting an attorney. The cops are not your friends. They do not want to help you. They want evidence against you so that you can be prosecuted. That is all.
Police detectives are trained in human psychology. In panic situations, many vulnerable suspects feel like they can confide in the police, or on the other hand, they get scared and open their mouths because the interrogating detective intimidates them. It's your standard "good cop, bad cop" scenario.
No matter which strategy the cops employ, they only want one thing: your statement of guilt.
These allegations are disturbing, but failing to maintain the liberty and constitutional rights of an accused person is equally as disturbing, if not more.
This is an emotionally-charged case with a very sympathetic victim, but that does not detract from the State's obligation to prove the accused guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
A good defense attorney holds the State to their burden and ensures that the rights of their clients are never violated.
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