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Miami-Dade Man Wanted For Attempted Murder of Police Officer

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In Southwest Miami-Dade, police are searching for a person in connection with a police-involved shooting.
According to Local 10, Miami-Dade detectives have identified a suspect in the attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.
Police received a call of shots fired came in late Friday night at the intersection of 134th Avenue and 260th Street in Southwest Miami-Dade County.
Reportedly, a police officer was hit with a bullet in the foot and was rushed to the hospital.
Attempted murder of a law enforcement officer can land you in prison for life. It is also a qualifying offense for Florida's 10-20-Life gun mandatory minimum sentencing. Since a firearm was discharged and injury was caused, there will likely be a 25-year mandatory minimum sentence applied to this case.
Crimes against law enforcement officers (LEOs) are some of the most difficult cases to handle from the perspective of a criminal defense attorney.
That's because of the relationship between the police and the prosecutors. You can bet that the officer victim's colleagues will be pushing for harsh sentencing, which the State Attorney will honor. In other words, most crimes against LEOs cases go to trial because the plea offers are outrageous.
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