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Bond Set For Teen In Attempted Murder Case

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A Broward judge ruled that one of the teens accused of setting a Deerfield Beach boy on fire last year could have a bond.

One of the 16-year old suspects in the now infamous attack on Deerfield Beach teen Michael Brewer could be released from jail after being granted a $250,000 bond. The 16-year old accused is charged with attempted murder in a case that made national headlines.  It is alleged that the 16-year old, along with others, doused Michael Brewer in rubbing alcohol before setting him on fire.

NBC Miami reports that prosecutors and police believe that the 16-year old was the ringleader that set up the attack on Brewer.

Typically, a bail bondsman will post a bond with a 10% premium paid upfront.  In this case, the family of the 16-year old would have to pay a bail bondsman $25,000 in order for the bondsman to write the bond.  

Given the reported financial situation of the 16-year old's family, it is unlikely that this bond will allow the teen to get out of jail.

The teenagers charged in the attack on Michael Brewer were originally charged as juveniles.  However, the Broward State Attorney's Office chose to direct file the teens, meaning that their cases were sent to adult court.

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