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Suspected Miami Beach Arsonist Arrested

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WSVN reports that Miami Beach Police have made an arrest of a suspect accused of starting four fires that destroyed historic buildings on Miami Beach.
The arrest comes just as the investigation began into the fourth suspicious fire in eight days.
Reports allege that Miami Beach officers noticed the suspect acting suspiciously soon after police and fire rescue responded to this fourth fire.
The suspect was observed leaving the area of the fourt fire and was seen going into another abandoned building and eventually coming out. No evidence was recovered from that building.
Police found two knives on the suspect and a dog smelled accelerant on his person. An accelerant, such as gasoline, is used to help a structure burn more quickly and with more ferocity.
Police allege that the suspect made an admission when he told them he never believed he would hurt anyone because he checked every floor before lighting any fires.
Police have yet to connect the suspect to all four fires.
All the fires started on the top floor of the buildings and occurred around the same time of night.
Police have charged the suspect with two counts of arson, one count of burglary of a structure, one count of criminal mischief ($200-$1000, a first-degree misdemeanor), and two counts of carrying a concealed weapon due to the knives allegedly found on his person.
The suspect is being held at the Pretrial Detention Center on a $29,500 bond.
Arson is the most serious of the charges he is facing. Arson is a first-degree felony punishable by a maximum of 30 years in prison. As the investigation continues he may face more counts of arson or new charges altogether.
The suspect is allegedly a repeat offender, which means he may face statutory sentencing enhancements.
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