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Broward Sheriff's Deputy Accused of Smuggling Contraband to Inmate

A deputy at one of Broward County's jail facilities faces four charges of introducing contraband into a jail facility, among other charges, after she is accused of smuggling contraband into the jail to give to an inmate she had developed a relationship with.

Introducing contraband (sometimes referred to as an "article") into a county jail facility is a 3rd degree felony.

This arrest is just one of several arrests of Broward Sheriff's Office deputies over the past year.  Several deputies assigned to the county's jails have been accused of improper conduct with inmates, as well as smuggling in cell phones and other prohibited items.

While everyone is presumed innocent, incidents like these weaken the public's trust in law enforcement.  As a criminal defense attorney, I believe that further arrests of BSO deputies will only hurt the overall perception of law enforcement, but on the other hand, it will make future juries more skeptical when officers come to testify.

I respect police, but I see the good and the bad of law enforcement each and every day that I practice criminal defense.

Yes, cops do lie.  Not all of them, but some of them do.  They lie in their reports, they lie in depositions.  They even lie on the witness stand.

When I talk to clients and prospective clients, they will tell me one version of the events that led to their arrest whereas the officers' reports will usually tell another.  

If you get arrested, be respectful, be polite, but most of all, be listening.  The ability to clearly remember what was said and what was done (more importantly, what wasn't said or what wasn't done) during your arrest will help your criminal lawyer to better prepare your case.

Remember - police officers are human beings, subject to flaws such as greed, abuse of power, and corruption.  

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