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Hollywood Woman Accused of Child Neglect

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Police in Hollywood have arrested a woman after she allegedly left her 11-month-old baby home alone.

An 11-month-old baby girl was allegedly found home alone inside a Hollywood home Friday. The baby was found after a man came looking for his missing girlfriend. The child was unharmed but for a small scratch.

Neighbors were able to open the door and take custody of the child. They fed her and contacted Fire Rescue.

The little girl was taken to the hospital for a check up.

It turned out that police found the baby's mother had been arrested earlier that day and charged with prostitution.

Since then, she has been charged with child neglect. Child neglect, which can be charged as either a third-degree felony or second-degree felony depending upon whether the child suffered injury as a result of the neglect, is a serious offense. You could not only face prison time, you could lose custody of your child.

Depending on the severity of the crime and the prior record of the accused, penalties could range from diversionary programs all the way to prison time.

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