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Man Charged With First-Degree Murder In Death of Coral Gables Businesswoman

On Friday, a stretch of Coral Gables along Southwest 8th Street was temporarily shut down after a businesswoman and her coworker died violently in their office suite.

The woman’s business partner was charged with first-degree murder.

The 43 year-old accused man was booked into Miami-Dade County Jail just before midnight Saturday. The charges: two counts of first-degree murder with a deadly weapon, armed kidnapping, and attempted armed robbery.

It is believed that the business was failing and that the accused's job was at stake. Colleagues believe that the accused might have "snapped."

The murders allegedly occurred on a second-floor suite at 801 Monterey St., just off Eighth Street and Granada Avenue where one of the two victims is the owner and president of a public adjusting firm.

However, the partnership with the accused is reportedly tied to a second business where the accused is listed as the vice-president.

According to the website, he served as an information technology and customer relations expert for the company. The company helps homeowners fight their claims with insurance companies.

According to a law enforcement source, the accused, covered in blood and carrying a bag of clothes, was detained by police officers across Eighth Street in the Granada Shopping Center. His car also was found at the scene.

While the Miami-Dade State Attorney has not certified the death penalty yet, if the facts as reported are accurate, this will likely be a death penalty case.