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Broward Officer Charged In Road Rage Incident

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A 7-year veteran of the Broward Sheriff's Office is facing serious felony charges after an alleged road rage incident that took place last year.

The deputy is accused of pulling a Plantation woman over while off duty (yet still in his patrol car), having a heated argument with her, and stealing her cellphone.

The 37-year old deputy has been charged with four criminal counts: burglary of a conveyance, battery, criminal mischief and petty theft.

The officer has been suspended from duty.

There is a 22-second cellphone video recording of the incident. The video shows the deputy, in plainclothes, standing at the alleged victim's window, shouting and ordering her to hand over the phone. At one point in the video it appears that he reaches inside of the car in an effort to grab the phone.

Plantation officers allegedly found the phone in two pieces near the spot where the deputy pulled the alleged victim over.

Technically, the state could charge the deputy with burglary with an assault or battery since it is alleged that he reached inside of the car to grab the phone.

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