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Man Wanted For Alleged Watch Theft At Fort Lauderdale Airport

A woman supposedly placed a $6,500 Rolex inside a bin at a terminal at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Thirty minutes later, she realized she left the watch at the checkpoint. When she got back to security, the watch was gone.

A Transportation Security Administration supervisor reviewed the surveillance video and confirmed that the alleged victim had left her watch behind, and said the man who passed through security after her, took it.

According to BSO, the security video showed the suspect collecting his coat, then reaching for the watch as he picked up his laptop in the bin next to his. Afterwards, deputies said he walked to a nearby bench and put the watch and laptop in a book bag.

BSO deputies searched the terminal but did not locate the suspect.

If arrested, the suspect will be charged with grand theft in the third degree since the item is worth between $300 and $20,000. Grand theft in the third degree carries a maximum of 5 years in prison.

If the accused were to sell the watch, he could be charged with dealing in stolen property or false verification to a pawnbroker as well.

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