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Suspects Accused of Setting Fire to Classmate Plead Guilty

In a story that made headlines worldwide back in 2009, two of the three young men accused of setting fire to their classmate in Deerfield Beach have apparently pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder.

The three accused young men, who were all initially charged as juveniles but were then direct filed to Circuit Court where they were charged as adults, were on the verge of trial.

However, two of the three defendants have apparently entered into plea agreements.

One accused has already been sentenced to 11 years in prison followed by one year of community control (house arrest) and 18 years of probation.

The sentences for the co-defendants have not been released yet. However, the man who has already been sentenced was accused of actually setting the fire. The two other men are accused of organizing the attack and pouring the rubbing alcohol onto the victim, which was used as an accelerant.

I'm not sure whether the sentenced defendant was given more time than the other young man will get due to the fact that he is accused of actually lighting the victim on fire. Court records, available by visiting the Broward Clerk of Courts website, show that the young man who has been sentenced was charged with attempted second-degree murder with a weapon. The other two co-defendants are charged with the same offense. However, their sentences may be lighter due to their perceived involvement in the crime.

**UPDATE: One other co-defendant, the man accused of pouring the flamable liquid onto the victim, has been sentenced to 8 years in prison followed by 22 years of probation.

The third co-defendant apparently has not resolved his case by plea. His trial date is set for March 12.