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Arrested On New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is meant to be a time of celebration and fun, but with celebration and fun comes alcohol and large crowds. While people are out having a good time, police are standing by.

I find that the majority of New Year's Eve arrests are related to alcohol. DUI and disorderly intoxication come to mind.

However, tempers can flare when alcohol and large crowds are present, leading to more serious charges of battery, or even felony charges, such as aggravated assault, and aggravated battery.

Arrests on New Year's Eve can be justified and unjustified. Sometimes, cops get frustrated with large alcohol-fueled crowds and may just start arresting people for stumbling or making too much noise. Those arrests are usually charged as disorderly intoxication, or disorderly conduct - both misdemeanors.

South Beach, Las Olas, and City Place (West Palm Beach) are three very popular (and populated) hang-outs on New Year's Eve. Arrests in those locations are not uncommon.

If you had to ring in the new year in a jail cell or with a PTA (promise to appear) in your hand, call me.