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Coral Gables Police Officer Charged With Domestic Battery

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A Coral Gables police officer has been charged with three counts of battery in an alleged domestic violence incident.

The officer's girlfriend, also a member of the Coral Gables Police Department, is the alleged victim.

According to police reports, an argument occurred between the couple.

The accused allegedly grabbed the alleged victim by the neck. This first incident occurred inside of the couple's car. The next incident occurred inside of the couple's home. The accused reportedly grabbed the alleged victim again and slammed her into a closet door. The accused is also charged with one additional count of battery for allegedly punching the victim.

In all, the accused was charged with three counts of battery. The accused has been released on bond with the condition that he stay away from the alleged victim.

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Misdemeanor domestic violence is taken seriously by prosecutors. Don't think for one second that a case can't proceed just because the alleged victim does not wish to prosecute. The state of the law favors domestic violence prosecutions and permits evidence to be admitted against an accused person even without a testifying victim.