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Juveniles Suspected In Wilton Manors Burglary

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Three juveniles, whose approximate ages range from 11 to 14, are suspected of entering the garage of a business and stealing an employee's iPhone.

Additionally, a nearby dentist's office was the victim of a similar burglary. In that instance, a laptop was stolen.

If found, the juveniles may be charged with burglary of a structure if it can be proven that they did not have permission to enter the structure (business), or that they entered an area of the structure where the public does not have access. In this case, entry to the business's garage may constitute burglary if the public did not have access to the garage.

The juveniles may also face theft charges for the laptop and iPhone.

Juveniles are not treated the same as adults in Florida. The juvenile justice system focuses on rehabilitation programs that help young offenders avoid further violations of the law. These programs may include diversion or probation. Juvenile incarceration is rare and is reserved for serious offenders or repeat offenders.

Burglary of a structure is a third-degree felony.

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