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Murder Suspect In Self-Defense Case Expected To Testify

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A man accused of first-degree murder is expected to testify on his own behalf. The man is accused of shooting his ex-wife's new husband several years ago. The accused man's attorney had filed a Stand Your Ground motion prior to trial, asking the judge to dismiss the case on the basis that the man had acted in self-defense and was entitled to immunity for his actions.

The judge hearing the motion denied the request. That is why the case proceeded to trial.

By testifying, the accused makes himself a witness in this case. That means that the accused will not only subject himself to cross-examination by the prosecutor, his testimony will be judged using the same criteria that jurors would use when assessing the testimony of any other witness.

In self-defense cases, oftentimes it is important for the defense to put on a case. Click here to learn more about when the defense should put on a case.

The trial is presently taking place in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

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