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Never Ever Talk To The Police!

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Never talk to the police. Period. End of story.

If you are guilty, don't talk to the police.

If you are innocent, don't talk to the police.

If the police want to talk to you, they likely have (or think they have) some evidence that you've committed a crime. Otherwise they wouldn't waste time talking to you.

If cops want a statement from you, it serves only to hurt you. You can't say anything that will persuade the cops to disregard the evidence they already have and not arrest you.

Anything you say - even if it is not outright incriminating - can come back to bite you if it is in any way inconsistent with previous or subsequent statements you make.

Cases are built on statements and confessions made by accused people.

With a statement, police and prosecutors need only scant pieces of circumstantial evidence to convict you. The mere fact that a crime occurred (regardless of the evidence) and a somewhat incriminating, suspicious, or inconsistent statement by the accused is enough to convict.

Many times, the other evidence is so weak that without the statement, the case would have been thrown out.

If you are innocent of what you are being accused of, please understand that no matter how calm you may be, how confident you may be, or how persuasive you may be - the police are not looking to help you. They need a statement so that they can arrest you.

If you are guilty, keep your mouth shut. No prosecutor had ever looked at a serious felony case and said, "Gee, this guy confessed. I think I'll cut him a break."

Wrong. Prosecutors (and believe me, I used to be one) LOVE confessions and statements. A good incriminating statement can make a case. The prosecutor then may make an unreasonable plea offer or no offer at all because their case is now strong and they have no incentive to resolve it.

You have a constitutional right to keep quiet. No police officer, detective, or prosecutor can ever make you talk to them. No matter how much they threaten, coerce, promise, persuade, or lie. And the cops will do all those things.

Please, for your own sake and the sake of the criminal defense attorney who may later try to beat your case, never speak to the police.