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Business Burglaries Occur on 441

This past week, at least three businesses were allegedly burglarized on 441 in Broward County.

Surveillance video from a Subway restaurant reportedly showed a man appear out of nowhere and toss a rock through the lower portion of a door. The man then is seen entering the business and going toward the cash register.

A few blocks away, a barber shop was also burglarized. A few doors down from the barber shop, a hair salon also showed signs that it had been burglarized.

The accused did not get away with any cash.

Burglary of an unoccupied structure is the charge when a business is burglarized. Florida law makes a distinction between a "structure" and a "dwelling." Burglary of a structure is a third-degree felony, whereas burglary of a dwelling is a second-degree felony.

Burglary requires the intent to commit a crime inside of the dwelling or structure that is being entered. To simply enter a structure or dwelling without the intent to commit a crime therein is a trespass.