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Sealing Your Record After Completing Probation

If you receive a withhold of adjudication to a qualifying offense and are placed on probation, you may be able to seal your record.

First and foremost, in order to seal a record, you must have received a withhold of adjudication to the charge you want to seal. You can also have no convictions of any kind on your record and can never have sealed or expunged before.

Secondly, the charge that you want to seal must be an eligible, or qualifying offense. Click here to learn about charges that cannot be sealed (even if adjudication is withheld).

Thirdly, your probation must be over. You cannot begin sealing your record while you are on probation. The probation must have ended.

And lastly, you must be all paid up. No outstanding court costs or past-due probation fees. While FDLE may issue you a certificate, the Judge will not grant the motion to seal unless your fees are all paid.

So before you seal your record, make sure your are eligible, that your probation has ended, and that you have paid your court costs and probation fees. Then you may be able to seal.