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Grow House Suspect Allegedly Invites Police Inside of Home

A Monroe County man is facing serious charges after police allegedly discovered a marijuana grow house.

Monroe County Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to the accused's home to check out a report of a possibly suicidal person. When one of the deputies knocked on the door, the accused reportedly shouted, "Come in!"

The police reported that when they entereded the home, they found 124 marijuana plants.

The problem with this person's case is that the police will claim that the accused granted consent to the officers to come into his home. If the officers had consent to enter the home and they saw the marijuana plants in plain view, then the search of the home and seizure of the evidence will be upheld as lawful.

You do not have to let the cops in your house. Without exigent circumstances, police officers must have a search warrant in order to enter your property.

Marijuana grow houses can lead to charges of trafficking in marijuana if the weight or amount of plants is sufficient. Trafficking in marijuana carries mandatory prison time in the State of Florida.