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Miami Beach Hit-And-Run Suspect Charged With DUI Manslaughter

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A 20-year old part-time bartender who worked at a famous South Beach nightclub was initially charged with leaving the scene of an accident causing death several weeks ago when she allegedly struck and killed a pedestrian. The pedestrian was a chef at a Miami Beach hotel who was crossing the street after getting off work.

At the time, the accused 20-year old woman was charged only in the hit-and-run as the results of her blood test were not yet available. A blood sample can be taken by force if the accused in a crash involving death or serious bodily injury where alcohol impairment is suspected.

The results of the blood test came out this week and prosecutors added a charge of DUI manslaughter as the young woman's blood-alcohol content was apparently three times the legal limit. The legal limit in the State of Florida is .08.

The prosecutor filed a motion to revoke the young woman's bond. She was taken back into custody and must post a new bond in order to be released again.

The state can file a motion to revoke a bond if new charges are filed after arrest. The court must then assess what bond amount should be set given the new charges and changes in circumstances.

DUI manslaughter carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.