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Broward Sheriff's Office Searching For Suspect In Grand Theft At Airport

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The Broward Sheriff's Office says that they have video surveillance of a woman stealing some rings belonging to another passenger after passing through the security checkpoint at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The video reportedly shows the suspect picking up two items off the floor. Moments later, the alleged victim comes over to the security checkpoint to report the items missing. Whether the suspect was picking up the missing rings can only be determined once the video image is enhanced.

The stolen items are a diamond engagement ring and a diamond wedding ring. While the value is unknown, it is likely that this crime will be considered grand theft because the value of the rings would likely exceed $300, even in their present condition.

In Florida, the degrees of grand theft depend on the value of the property taken. Obviously the more valuable the property, the more serious the crime.

No word yet on whether the suspect in the video has been identified.

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