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Man Arrested On Suspicion of Numerous Miami Beach Burglaries

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Police arrested a Miami Gardens man on suspicion of more than 12 home burglaries and even hotel burglaries on Miami Beach.

According to Miami-Dade Corrections, the suspect appears to be have about 14 open cases of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, grand theft in the third degree, and burglary of a structure, both occupied and unoccupied.

Burglary of an unoccupied dwelling is a second-degree felony in the State of Florida. The maximum punishment for a burglary of a dwelling is 15 years. However, the Florida Criminal Punishment Code recommends a minimum sentence of 21 months.

The suspect has reportedly been captured on security cameras taking property from various hotels on South Beach. He has also been seen by eyewitnesses in possession of stolen hotel property.

Upon being detained by law enforcement, the accused confessed to all of the burglaries that he is charged with. Police are also looking to see if he is connected to burglaries in other cities, as well as other counties.

Among the alleged victims are tourists from South America who reportedly lost $20,000 in cash, credit cards, and other personal property when the accused burglarized their hotel room.

A records check through the Florida Department of Corrections revealed that the accused was released from prison on March, 19, 2011. Under Florida’s Prisoner Releasee Reoffender Program, a person who commits a new felony within 3 years of their release from a prison facility faces stiff mandatory minimum sentencing.

No doubt at his arraignment, the state will declare him a PRRP (Prison Releasee Reoffender) and the judge will increase his bond. He will also face a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 years on the burglary charges.

Eric Matheny is a Miami burglary attorney and Broward burglary attorney. A former Miami-Dade prosecutor, Attorney Eric Matheny has significant experience dealing with cases where the offender is designated a PRRP, or is facing some other “career criminal” enhancement. Call Attorney Eric Matheny to discuss your Miami or Broward criminal case.