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Calle Ocho 2013

Every year, Southwest 8th Street (“Calle Ocho”) in Little Havana is closed down to celebrate the Calle Ocho street festival.

However, whenever there is a road closure for the purpose of a street fair where alcohol will be served, there is always a significant probability that many people will be arrested.

Common Calle Ocho crimes include disorderly intoxication, battery (fighting), and resisting an officer without violence.

Obviously, there are felony arrests as well, but those previously mentioned misdemeanors seem to be the most common.

Due to the large crowds, it is more likely that cops will physically arrest those suspected of committing misdemeanors, rather than issuing written promises to appear (PTAs). That's because cops will want to get those suspected of breaking the law off of Calle Ocho.

While arrests may be numerous during Calle Ocho, many of them lack legal merit. In other words, if you appear intoxicated but are not causing a scene or disturbing the peace, you may be arrested anyway just because the cops want to get you off of the street. When the case comes to court, you may be able to get it dismissed.

If you are arrested during the Calle Ocho festival, call me.