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Judge Revisits Bond For DUI Manslaughter Suspect

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A Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge has revisited the bond status of a man charged with DUI Manslaughter and Leaving The Scene of an Accident Causing Death after the accused, who had been out on house arrest, allegedly tested positive for a controlled substance.

After testing positive, the judge ordered the man back into custody, effectively revoking his bond.

While out on any kind of bond, you must remain free of controlled substances unless they are prescribed by a doctor.

However, in the case of this man, his attorney presented evidence to the court that the controlled substance was medication prescribed by a doctor to treat the man's Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Satisfied that the controlled substance in the man's system was legally prescribed medication, the judge ordered the man released back onto house arrest.

Any violation of pretrial release can result in your bond being revoked. If your bond is revoked, you may have to sit in custody while your case is pending.

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