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Sentencing Enhancements For Violent Career Criminals, Three Time Felony Offenders, and Prison Releasee Reoffenders (PRRPs)

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The Violent Career Criminal (VCC), Three Time Felony Offender, and Prison Releasee Reoffender (PRRP) are some of the harshest "career criminal" enhancements in the State of Florida.

All three sentencing enhancements are based on the offender's prior record. All three are enhancements that carry mandatory minimum prison sentences that are non-discretionary. This means that the judge must impose the mandatory minimum sentence if the accused is found guilty. Only the state attorney can waive the mandatory minimum.

Violent Career Criminal (VCC)

A Violent Career Criminal, also known as a "VCC" or "Gort," is an enhancement for three or more qualifying prior felony convictions. The prior felonies are violent in nature. If an offender is designated a VCC, the offender faces a maximum of 15 years with a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence for a third-degree felony; a maximum of 40 years with a 30-year mandatory minimum sentence for a second-degree felony; a maximum of life with a mandatory minimum sentence of life for a first-degree felony, life PBL, and life felony.

Three Time Felony Offender

A Three Time Felony Offender enhancement carries the following mandatory minimum sentences: 5 years mandatory for a third-degree felony; 15 years mandatory for a second-degree felony; 30 years mandatory for a first-degree felony; life mandatory for a life PBL and life felony.

Prison Releasee Reoffender

The Prison Releasee Reoffender, or "PRRP" enhancement, is for offenders who are arrested for new felony charges within 3 years of a release from a state or federal prison facility. The mandatory minimum sentencing scheme follows that of the Three Time Felony Offender enhancement. Like the "VCC" and Three Time Felony Offender enhancements, the mandatory sentences are non-discretionary.