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Florida Man Receives Prison Sentence For Staged Crashes

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A Jacksonville man will be spending the next 6 years in Florida prison for allegedly participating in staging automobile crashes for the purpose of collecting insurance money.

The man pleaded guilty to two counts of participating in an intentional motor vehicle crash and two counts of false insurance claims.

Taking part in a staged accident carries a mandatory minimum prison term of two years.

Florida has cracked down on false insurance claims due to the overwhelming cost to insurance carriers, which, in turn, significantly raises insurance premiums.

A typical staged accident scheme involves several people. Many times, chiropractors and pain clinics are involved as well. So are mechanics and auto repair shops.

People will agree to crash their cars and then seek treatment. The medical providers and repair shops will seek payment from the insurance companies.

Insurance fraud can total in the hundreds of millions annually in Florida.

For that reason, the legislature has enacted the two-year mandatory prison term as a deterrent. However, this defendant received six years, which is not uncommon in cases involving multiple crashes.

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