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Coral Gables Man Accused of Grand Theft and Credit Card Fraud

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A Coral Gables man is facing fraudulent use of a credit card and grand theft charges after he allegedly used a gift card at an Ale House restaurant to withdraw money from the restaurant’s register, as well as to purchase food and drinks.

Police have calculated the total loss at just over $1,900.00.

Police stated that the accused has admitted to his involvement in the matter. Bartenders and Ale House staff have also identified him.

Without priors, these types of charges may result in Pretrial Intervention (PTI) as long as the alleged victim(s) agree and the restitution amount is less than $5,000.00.

Fraudulent use of a credit card and grand theft are both third degree felonies in this instance.

Eric Matheny is a Miami grand theft lawyer and Broward grand theft attorney.