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Pretrial Intervention (PTI) in Broward County Part II

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A little while ago, I discussed PTI (Pre-Trial Intervention) in Broward County. I have also stated many times before on this blog that PTI in Broward is much more difficult to get into than it is in Miami-Dade.
For that reason, you should know exactly what the program entails.
The process requires a formal application with time-sensitive deadlines.  It is a rather extensive process and many offenses WILL NOT qualify for inclusion in the program.
If you are a first-time non-violent offender charged with a non-drug offense and any restitution, if any, is under $5000, you may qualify.  
Eric Matheny is a criminal attorney who represents clients in both Broward and Miami-Dade. He has been successful in getting many of his clients into diversion programs. He may be able to do the same for you depending on the circumstances of your case, the absence of a prior record, victim approval, as well as other eligibility factors.
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