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Sealing or Expunging More Than One Case

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Under normal circumstances, you are only allowed to seal or expunge one Florida criminal case in your lifetime. In 2013, the law was changed to allow applicants to have prior sealings or expungements from other states. However, you may only seal or expunge one Florida case in your lifetime.

However, if you are charged with multiple offenses and the police or prosecutors opt to file the charges as separate cases (under different case numbers), you may be able to seal or expunge all of the cases provided you are eligible (either the offenses are eligible offenses or the charges were dismissed) and all of the charges stem from the same incident.

Florida law provides that a sealing or expungement applies to the date of arrest, regardless of what charges the State Attorney's Office intends to file. So if you are arrested for mulitple counts of burglary of an unoccupied conveyance (a string of car burglaries) and the police or prosecutors opt to file each charge as a separate case, you may still be able to seal or expunge ALL cases so long as you are otherwise eligible.

Eric Matheny is an attorney who seals or expunges records in all Florida counties.