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Serious Felony Charges Dismissed!

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A Miami-Dade client charged with grand theft in the second-degree and contracting without a license had all of his charges dropped just the other day.

The Law Offices of Eric M. Matheny, P.A. represented the client throughout the investigation as well as the criminal case itself. The client was an unlicensed contractor who was arrested after relations with a client went sour.

However, during the course of the investigation it appeared that the client had been lawfully working under the supervision of a qualifying agent. This qualifying agent gave misleading statements to police during the investigation, denying any involvement with the client, thus subjecting the client to civil and criminal liability.

Attorney Eric Matheny subpoenaed the qualifying agent for a deposition and asked him specific questions about his working relationship with the client. As a result of the deposition, all charges were immediately dropped.

While each case is different and past results cannot guarantee what may happen on a future case, this particular case highlights the importance of thorough lawyering.

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