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Recent Case Victories for Attorney Matheny

Protecting the rights of residents throughout Miami-Dade County, Attorney Eric Matheny knows that criminal charges can greatly impact every area of your life. As a former prosecutor, he understands both sides of the judicial system, working diligently to help ensure that your freedoms are safeguarded. With a history of successful case results, it is no wonder that his work as a Miami-Dade County criminal attorney has gained him a positive reputation.

Recently he received three positive case verdicts for his clients who were all faced with issues involving permanent injunctions. His first client was seeking a permanent injunction against a family friend who they believed was cyberstalking him. This happened over a period of several months, including hundreds and hundreds of messages on Facebook. Attorney Matheny was able to prove that excessive amount of contact was in fact cyberstalking according to Florida State laws and the client won the case, causing the accused to receive a permanent injunction for 5 years.

Another client was charged with stalking a former girlfriend. She tried to reveal text messages, emails and mail as proof for the accusations. After presenting his client's case and demonstrating the lack of evidence, Attorney Matheny received a favorable verdict. The court found that there was no merit to the charges and granted the motion to dismiss all charges.

In another recent case, Attorney Matheny's client had been under a permanent injunction for several years and unfortunately had been denied jobs, lost money, and had experienced significant damage to his reputation. Pursuing a motion to vacate the injunction, the court hear Attorney Matheny's case and recognized that the injunction was not necessary any longer, thereby granting the motion. This allowed the client to move forward in all aspects of his life and pursue his professional career once again.

No matter what kind of problems you may be facing related to permanent injunctions; the Miami criminal lawyer at The Law Office of Eric M. Matheny, P.A. is prepared to offer you our legal assistance. We offer payment plans and are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!