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House Arrest Conditions And How To Avoid A Violation

House Arrest is a form of pretrial release where you will be confined to your home.  You may, however, receive court permission to leave your home for various reasons, such as court appearances, work, religious services, school, and visits with your doctor and, of course, your attorney.

If placed on House Arrest, you will likely have to wear a GPS monitor around your ankle.  This is so that Corrections can monitor your movement.  If you are somewhere you are not supposed to be, that will be a violation.  A violation of House Arrest can land you in jail without a bond.

If you are placed on House Arrest, here are some tips on how to avoid a violation:

1) Be where you're supposed to be!  All travel and scheduling must be coordinated with your House Arrest officer.  Make sure you are always where you tell your officer you will be.

2) Have court permission for any travel outside of the house!  If you need to work, that's fine, just make sure you have a court order telling House Arrest that you are allowed to work.  Same applies for school and any other travel.

3) Keep your GPS monitor charged!  If the battery dies, House Arrest loses track of you and will come and find you.  You are required, per your House Arrest agreement, to keep your monitor charged.  Make sure you do this.

House Arrest is not fun, but it beats the alternative - sitting in jail.

If you are on House Arrest in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach, remember that violations are serious and can result in you spending time in custody.  On the other hand, House Arrest conditions may be modified, and sometimes removed entirely.  

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