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The Release Process: How Long Does It Take To Get Out Of Jail?

One of the most frustrating aspects of getting arrested is the time it takes to get released once your bond has been posted.  Depending on the county, it can take up to a full day to be released from jail.

Based on my experience, Miami-Dade County will release you once you've posted your bond within 6-8 hours of the bond being posted.

Broward County will release you within 10-14 hours after the bond has been posted.

Palm Beach County will release you within 4-6 hours after the bond has been posted.

If you are ordered to be put on House Arrest, it can take several hours and up to several days for you to be released as House Arrest must interview you, verify your address, and then coordinate your transportation.

Eric Matheny is a criminal defense attorney serving clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach.