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Case Victory: Manslaughter with a Firearm Charge Dismissed in South Florida!

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An 18-year-old client accused of shooting and killing his friend was facing 30 years in state prison with a mandatory minimum of 25 years until Attorney Eric M. Matheny stepped in and had all his charges dropped.  

The client was using a gun as a prop while filming a music video with a friend until the gun unexpectedly went off and hit the friend. The client was arrested and charged with manslaughter with a firearm, and if found guilty at trial would have had to serve 25 years in prison without any chance of getting out early. At 18 years old, his life would have been over – all due to an accident. 

Attorney Matheny took on the case and was able to demonstrate to the prosecutor that the gun actually had a serious mechanical defect, which caused the weapon to fire projectiles on its own without anyone having to even touch the trigger. Law enforcement further tested and proved Attorney Matheny’s claim about the defective weapon, and the prosecutor and detectives realized that there was a major flaw in the way the gun was assembled. Attorney Matheny proved through thorough investigation and demonstration that a defect in the firearm, not the actions of the client, caused the shooting and unfortunate death of the alleged victim. The prosecutor could not prove that the client fired the gun beyond a reasonable doubt, and they thus dismissed the charge against the young client, giving him his future – and his life – back.  

Every case has unique elements involved in a charge, and this is just one example of a manslaughter-related incident. However, Attorney Matheny’s success in dismissing this client’s charges underscores his dedication to thorough investigation and understanding every detail related to a legal incident.  

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