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As Miami-Dade County Gets Back To Work, So Do The Police

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As Miami-Dade County - Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach respectfully - reopens and gets back to business as usual, so do our police departments.

I fully expect to see a massive law enforcement presence, especially given the protests that have come in the wake of the tragic death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd.

While peaceful protesting is a fundamental American right, property damage, looting, and violence can - and will - lead to your arrest.

Police throughout Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County are out in large numbers as crowds gather in protest. Unfortunately, some of these protests have devolved into looting and violence, which may only trigger more aggressive policing, thus leading to arrests of people who may only be protesting, and just happen to be around when violence and property damage begins (guilt by association).

Remember that sometimes good sense falls victim to the whims of those around you.  It's called mob psychology for a reason.

George Floyd's death is tragic and certainly calls for public outrage.  But the power of one's voice, as opposed to the power of one's fist, is more effective and will get you in a lot less trouble.

If you get arrested during a protest, you will need representation.  Perhaps your arrest was unfounded and charges should immediately be dropped. If you are accused of a more serious crime, the process could take longer.

Either way, know your rights, protest intelligently and safely, and contact my office if you need my assistance.