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Rise of Domestic Violence In COVID-19

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Domestic violence cases are on the rise.  People being forced to hunker down at home with family during times of economic uncertainty can create a volatile atmosphere.  Restraining orders (injunctions) and criminal domestic violence incidents are on the rise.

Courts are still operating for emergency proceedings, which include domestic violence bond court appearances (first appearance is mandatory for all domestic violence cases in Florida) and the application process for obtaining an Injunction.

Respondents are still being served with Injunctions (Restraining Orders) during COVID-19.

Domestic violence, be it criminal or a civil Injunction, can destroy your reputation, and can jeopardize your job prospects, and if criminal - your freedom.

If you have been arrested of a criminal domestic violence offense in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach, or have been served with an Injunction or are in need of an Injunction due to being the victim of violence, call me.