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Arrests For Violations of COVID-19 Ordinances And Executive Orders

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People are getting arrested nationwide for violating their state and local COVID-19 orders.  Activity that, under normal circumstances, would not even be considered criminal is now causing people to get arrested and face criminal charges.

In Florida, defying an executive order is a misdemeanor.  This could include opening a business that has been deemed "non-essential" or visiting a beach or park or place that has been closed.

Other charges, such as resisting an officer without violence and disorderly conduct often will accompany these COVID-19-related charges, as the arresting officers will claim that you disobeyed their lawful order, or were - perhaps - loud and belligerent when they tried to arrest you.

The constitutionality of these COVID-19 orders will face challenges in the Courts.  In some states, the High Courts are already striking these orders down as unconstitutional.  Florida's orders have yet to face a final ruling.

If you are arrested for any of these COVID-19-related offenses in Miami, Broward, or Palm Beach, contact me to discuss your options.