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Expungement & Sealing Update On Processing Times (COVID-19 Update)

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COVID-19 impacts us all, especially government agencies that may be forced to furlough employees, as well as have those remaining employees working from home. Operating with limited staff and resource capacity, processing times for Florida sealing and expungement applications will be slowed down.

As of today, May 18, 2020, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is processing applications submitted in November of 2019.

If you or your attorney submitted an expungement or sealing application in November of 2019, expect to hear from FDLE shortly. You will likely receive a Certificate of Eligibility (mailed to your attorney's office, or to your residence if you are not represented), which means that you are able to file the Petition. A Petition to Expunge is not an application nor is if a Certificate of Eligibility. It is the final packet of documents that is presented to the Judge. This Petition must meet certain legal requirements.

If you have received a Certificate of Eligibility after applying for a sealing or expungement on your own but do not know the next - and most important - step, you can retain an attorney, even at this stage in the process, to file the Petition for you and appear in Court on your behalf.

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